Asian Golden Weavers

After finding the nesting site of the Asian Golden Weavers for the first time in this post, I discovered another small nesting colony right by the main road on July 13th. It’s hard to believe how they have stayed undiscovered until now. I saw 4 males perching on branch tops and located 2 active nests.


Male Asian Golden Weaver


The recently weaved nest on the right.

IMG_0613 IMG_0624 IMG_0641


One of the 2 active nests. Note the brush-like grass on the right, that’s the entrance to the nest.


Male bird with another recently started nest.

From the road, I could observe 2 males easily while another 2 were hidden in the tall giant mimosa trees. Each of the male was already having a completely weaved and active nest, which the female occasionally visited, but they still kept weaving new ones. Each of them seemed to have started at least 2 other new nests.


Female bird looks totally different from her stunning plumaged partner.

IMG_0881 IMG_0855 IMG_0758


Female bird feeding the chicks inside the nest. Unfortunately, this nest later disappeared for reasons unknown.


Another female of a different nest looking a bit scruffier.

One of the females was actively feeding the chicks inside the nest, while another female still seemed to be incubating. Few days later, the nest with chicks disappeared from the branch. I have no idea what happened. It could be some kind of predators, most likely snake, which attacked the nest and made it fall into the water underneath.


Food was not far away. Here’s one of the males enjoying his meal.


Whenever the females came back to the nests, the male birds went crazy. They’d constantly give exciting call while fanning and flapping their wings and tails. Sometimes they’d get so excited, they’d fly and jump around the females.



Otherwise, they had very little activities. They’d spend their time resting, then eat a little bit and sometimes continued weaving new nests.

IMG_1043-2 IMG_1077 IMG_1090


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