A Little Too Late

On March 1, right after I arrived back in Chiang Mai, I visited Nong Bong, a local pond just about 10 minutes from my house, where a male Baer’s Pochard was found since the beginning of January. Unfortunately, even after spending both morning and evening scanning flocks of ducks, I couldn’t find the bird. There were quite many species of ducks and other birds though considering the size of the area which is relatively small.


One of the 2 female Ferruginous Pochards


Male and female Northern Pintail


Northern Pintails and a pair of Common Teals


This male Northern Pintail still had some eclipse feathers.


Common Teals, Lesser Whistling Duck and Ferruginous Pochard


Since the ducks were extremely far away, I decided to try digiscoping even though I didn’t have an adapter for this compact camera that I had. The results were ok enough though. Without digiscoping, I wouldn’t be able to even get a record shot of any duck.

It was interesting to find 2 female Ferruginous Pochards rather than a male and a female as reported earlier in January. I guess these were the newly arrived birds and the group which stayed since January (a pair of male and female along with the Baer’s Pochard) has already moved on to the north.


Female Northern Shoveler among Lesser Whistling Ducks


A pair of Northern Pintail and Garganeys


Flock of Common Teals


Male Garganeys began to perform group courtship display


In total, I found 6 species of ducks including 2 female Ferruginous Pochards, Northern Pintails, 1 female Northern Shoveler, Garganeys, Common Teals and roughly 8,000 Lesser Whistling Ducks (latest count by Doi Chiang Dao Wildlife Research Station)! Other birds found at the pond included many Common Moorhens, 1 Common Coot, several Pheasant-tailed Jacanas in non-breeding plumage, Little Grebes, Intermediate Egrets and 1 juvenile Purple Heron.


3 thoughts on “A Little Too Late

  1. Sorry about the Baer’s. But you still managed to observe and photograph so many species of ducks! What I would give to have a place like this in Malaysia.

  2. Good spotting Ayuwat. I’ve tried looking out at the wetlands in Niigata and it’s so difficult with them moving around. Ducks are splendid subjects though.

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