Parakeets Park

On the same visit to Biebrich Palace Park in Wiesbaden, I managed to get lots of photos of the parakeets which were roaming the park. They could be seen flying around over the park and perching on high bare trees which were numerous. Their loud screeching calls could be heard everywhere and all the time. I even felt that it was a bit too noisy for a place for recreation and relaxation but no one seemed to complain.


Male (right) and female (left) Alexandrine Parakeet


The male was constantly feeding the female, probably part of the courtship ritual.

There were 2 species of parakeets. The more numerous and the noisier one was the large Alexandrine Parakeet and the less frequently seen one was the smaller Rose-ringed Parakeet. Both originated from Asia. I’ve seen the Alexandrine Parakeet once in Bangkok, probably the last stronghold for this species in Thailand, and the Rose-ringed Parakeet both in India and Thailand.


Subadult male Alexandrine Parakeet which was already ready for breeding


Digging the nest hole


Many of the parakeets were in the process of digging nest holes. I noticed many natural holes in high tree trunks all over the park. There were also many artificial bird houses put up for them. There’s no doubt why they could establish such a strong population here.


They also liked to perch on wires.


Male Alexandrine Parakeet preening its extremely long tail


The much smaller Rose-ringed Parakeet


Female Rose-ringed has all green plumage. No maroon shoulder patch nor collar.


Another female Rose-ringed Parakeet


Looking from the photos it might seem a bit difficult to tell Alexandrine and Rose-ringed Parakeets apart, but in the field, these two are pretty easy to identify. Rose-ringed Parakeet is much smaller in size and has a thinner and higher pitched screeching call, while Alexandrine has very long tail, larger size and deeper call.


Male Alexandrine Parakeet in warm afternoon light


Disappearing into the nest

IMG_0659 IMG_0621

The size of the bill is also different between the 2 species. Alexandrine Parakeet has a much larger upper mandible than Rose-ringed. It also has maroon shoulder patch in both sexes unlike Rose-ringed which completely lacks in both male and female.


A pair of Rose-ringed Parakeet; male bird (left) has salmon-pink collar

IMG_0541 IMG_0765

They were more active during the late afternoon. I saw many pairs beginning to perform courtship display and some were even mating. I was glad that the weather was extremely nice so I could get many good shots of them against the deep blue sky. These are way better than any shot I’ve taken in Asia!


Another subadult Alexandrine Parakeet in courtship display

IMG_0943 IMG_0928 IMG_0873 IMG_0534 IMG_0628-2

I like the salmon-pink collar on the hind neck of both male Alexandrine and Rose-ringed Parakeets. In Alexandrine, the pink collar is even broader than that of the Rose-ringed. I stayed around the park until the sunset and I even met 2 bird photographers there. It was the first and only time when I met someone who’s actually interested in birds there!


Male (right) and female (left) Rose-ringed Parakeet


Female Rose-ringed Parakeet sitting in the nest hole


Neighbourhood gathering before sunset


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