Middle Spotted Woodpecker

Today, I headed to the feeding station as soon as I woke up and to my surprise, the same Middle Spotted Woodpecker was one of the first birds to arrive at the feeder! It was amazing how fast it has gotten used to my presence and the camera. Just yesterday, it was still extremely shy and would fly off even before reaching the food.

IMG_3011 IMG_3128

Judging from the colouration on the underparts and the full bright scarlet red crown, I think it is a male bird. Hopefully the female will show up at the feeder as well. So far, I’ve seen at least 2 of these birds in this area.

IMG_2576 IMG_2772 IMG_2560

The bird would visit the feeder once every 30-40 minutes. Each visit would last for about 3 minutes if there’s no disturbance, which was mostly not the case. As soon as the Great Spotted Woodpeckers showed up, the Middle Spotted had to escape.


They surely weren’t so fond of each other. The Middle Spotted Woodpecker was always targeted by the Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

IMG_2871 IMG_3138 IMG_3196

So now I can tick away the Middle Spotted Woodpecker from my photograph wish-list. Now only the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker left. I’m pretty sure I saw it at the feeder once when I arrived at the feeder and accidentally flushed it. But so far, I haven’t seen it coming around again. Hope it will show up very soon. I only have time until the end of this month before flying back to Thailand.


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