Reality Kicks In

It’s ridiculous how I’ve never really taken the time to look at these ‘black-capped’ tits carefully and assumed them to be Willow Tits right away. It was simply because the colouration looks more similar to the Willow Tit I’ve seen in Japan. In Japan, Marsh Tit has much whiter and greyer plumage than Willow, so it wasn’t that difficult to tell them apart. But I just realised that here in Europe, both species have similar plumage colour. After checking the photos that I’ve taken, I realised that these ‘black-capped’ tits around here are actually Marsh Tits.


Pale spot at the base of upper mandible and plain brown wings with no paler panels. This is indeed a Marsh Tit.

IMG_4423 IMG_4533 IMG_5163

The tail is also clearly square-cut.

IMG_1841 IMG_1897

All of them showed very distinct pale greyish spot at the base of upper mandible.

IMG_4543 IMG_4537

It’s also interesting to see how they could show a hint of pale wing panel at certain angles. But the pale spot at bill base and small black bib confirms that it’s also a Marsh Tit. I also recently learned that both Marsh and Willow Tits are declining in Europe, so I think I should cherish the opportunity to have them here at my feeders and photograph them more.


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