Rainy Day Surprise

This afternoon I decided to spend some time at the feeder despite the rain and extremely low light. I noticed a pair of Middle Spotted Woodpeckers feeding far at the edge of the wood on the other side as usual. A male Great Spotted Woodpecker came to the feeder as soon as I put out some peanuts on the ground. I quietly wait and hope that something interesting would happen and finally it did. One of the Middle Spotted Woodpeckers decided to fly in and perched right above the feeder. I was too excited and moved a bit too much, so it flew out and spent some time feeding on a tree far away. I sat motionlessly hoping for it to come back and after about 20 minutes it did! This time I was more patient and it slowly came down to the feeder and right before it started feeding, I fired 2 shots which clearly disturbed it, so it quickly flew out. I guess it will take some more days before it becomes familiar with my presence and the shutter sound, just like what it took for the Great Spotted Woodpeckers.


My first good shot of a Middle Spotted Woodpecker. I took this at the speed of 1/40 sec at ISO 800 without a tripod. It was already amazing that I could manage to take any photo at all. With some photoshop work, I managed to brighten up the image and bring out the colours of the bird and reduce some noise in the background.

IMG_2339 IMG_2341

Some more shots of other birds. Here’s a male Chaffinch which also came to feed on peanuts that I put out on the ground.


Today’s session at the feeder was dark and wet. Here’s the wet Marsh Tit which came extremely close.


A male Great Tit to finish this post. Hopefully, the weather will be better tomorrow because I’ll have the whole day to spend at the feeder.


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