First Sign

Today I went out to take photos of birds at the feeder as usual. At about 1pm, a woodpecker swooped right over my head and perched on a big tree just above the feeder. My first thought was that it’s a Great Spotted Woodpecker, but as I looked at it, I immediately realised that it’s actually a Middle Spotted Woodpecker! Finally, the bird that I’ve been waiting for has come to the feeding area. However, my view was blocked by branches and twigs, so I waited patiently for it to come down to the feeder. Unfortunately, after giving several alarm calls, it decided to fly out into the wood. It later flew pass the feeder again about 5 minutes later but disappeared into the wood. At least, there’s a sign that it might come to the feeder soon.

To accompany this post, here’s a photo of the female Great Spotted Woodpecker which has now become quite familiar with my existence.



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