No Sign

Despite the Great Spotted Woodpeckers being almost regular visitors at the feeder, there’s still no sign that the Middle Spotted Woodpecker would visit as well. Today, I spotted the Middle Spotted Woodpecker about 2-3 times around the feeder but it kept staying high in the canopy and didn’t seem to be interested in coming down to the feeder at all.


Still skittish. This male Great Spotted Woodpecker would come to the feeder every once in 30 minutes or so, but was still difficult to photograph.

IMG_8519 IMG_8528

And the heavily cropped shots of the Middle Spotted Woodpecker. It was as far as 30-40m away from where I was sitting and as soon as I stood up and made my first step, it flew away.

IMG_8266 IMG_8303 IMG_8309

Probably the same female Chaffinch still put on a nice show. This time looking slightly better with warm sunlight.

IMG_8503 IMG_8456

And the usual stuff. Female Great Tit.


Male Great Tit in an aggressive stance?


Another shot of the female. Among more than 5 Great Tits that visited the feeder at once, I only saw just 1 female.

IMG_8437 IMG_8446 IMG_8333

Of course, Blue Tits are still my favourite. I really can’t get tired of them.


Playing peek-a-boo


At least 3 Eurasian Jays also visited the feeder. This one got away before I could get a better shot because of the shutter sound.

IMG_8431 IMG_8771

I also got few better shots of the Eurasian Wren that came by the area where I was sitting a few times. It really looks different from the subspecies I’ve seen in Japan and India. The Asian subspecies are much darker.


A pair of Goldcrest was also seen feeding high up in the spruce tree near the feeder. I still need to get better photos of this cute bird!


Then the highlight of the day revealed itself from the thick undergrowth just before I decided to end today’s birding. This Dunnock crept out to feed on fallen peanuts which some tits might have dropped. It’s the first time for me to see this bird which I thought would be one of the first few birds that I’d see in Europe (which proved to be completely wrong). Hopefully it will give a better view next time.


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