A Step Closer

Yesterday, I spent several hours taking photos of birds at the feeding station. It was clear that as the temperature dropped, more birds appeared at the feeder. In fact, the feeder was so busy that at one moment I just couldn’t take any photo, so I just let myself enjoy looking at the birds with bare eyes instead. It was pure joy. Then suddenly, out of the blue, a female Great Spotted Woodpecker swooped over my head and perched right at the new feeder which was intended to attract birds larger than nuthatches and tits. Unfortunately, it quickly flew away as I turned my camera. I put up that new feeder since the last 2 weeks. Up until yesterday, I hadn’t seen any bird coming to that feeder, so it was definitely a good news for me to know that finally it’s working!


Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

IMG_7633 IMG_7632

Showing the bright red patch on the nape

After the female Great Spotted Woodpecker was gone, I waited patiently hoping for it to come back. After a long while, a woodpecker dashed in and perched near the feeder, but this time it was a male bird. It was slightly shyer than the female and constantly flew around in circles before perching at the feeder.

IMG_8120 IMG_8123

The female returned again after about half an hour. This time I could get a few shots at close range. I think the underparts of the European subspecies seems to be slightly darker than the Japanese one that I photographed at Lake Kussharo. Despite being common, it’s such an attractive bird that I just have to spend time admiring it whenever I can.


Here’s a photo of the new feeder that I put up. While the woodpeckers were not around, other small birds like these nuthatches and tits occasionally came to enjoy the bread as well. The visit of the Great Spotted Woodpeckers was a step closer to my goal of attracting other woodpeckers like the lovely Middle Spotted Woodpecker and the noisy Green Woodpecker both of which I still haven’t been successful in getting any good photo.


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