Mouse-like Bird

Lately I’ve been seeing a pair of Eurasian Treecreeper every time I visited my feeder. They’d come foraging around the area where I was sitting distracting my attention away from the birds at the feeder. Despite being super showy and tame, I could barely get any decent shot of them. Of all the hundred something shots that I took, these are the more acceptable ones.

IMG_7213 IMG_7215

I was lucky with these two shots when the bird stopped for few seconds to pick somethingĀ out of the hole in the tree trunk.


And I like how this shot shows how well the plumage blends into the background. It’s also funny and enjoying to watch this tiny bird climbing up the tree in a way that reminds me a lot of a mouse!

IMG_7307 IMG_7325

Sometimes they’d come really close and stay really low close to the ground. But that doesn’t make photographing them any easier.


At least I could get some good shots (out of over hundred fired…..).


They’re definitely one of the tamest birds around here.

IMG_7127 IMG_7112

A couple of shots taken sometimes last week when the sun was shining. I’ve never realised how important sunshine is until I moved to Germany. Now everytime the sun begins to shine, I immediately go out and take photos as many as possible.


4 thoughts on “Mouse-like Bird

  1. I’ve never taken a decent shot of a treecreeper………these ones are better than any I’ve managed. By the way…………….I always thought Short Toed Treecreeper was the commoner one in central Europe. I have no real idea how to tell them apart in the field though.

  2. Cute little bird, Ayuwat and you got some splendid pictures. Maybe Germany is like Niigata. There is rarely any sun here in Winter. I cancelled my bird outing today because of rain which happens too often. Too much indoor life for me here.

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