The Last Berries

This set of photos was taken back on December 29, 2013. The same flock of Fieldfares came visiting the last fruiting rowan berries next to the entrance of my dorm. Luckily, the berry tree was right next to the stairway, so I could go up to the second floor and take photos of them from the stairway’s window.


Taking photos from behind the window allowed me to get a much closer look at the birds. They obviously felt more comfortable than when seeing my whole body pointing a long white stick at them.

IMG_2470 IMG_2467

Adult bird enjoying the ripe berries.

IMG_2494 IMG_2502

It was quite fun watching them trying to swallow the whole berries into their mouth. They need to try at least 3-5 times before the berries could slip through.

IMG_2477 IMG_2472 IMG_2455

The only problem was the background which wasn’t very pleasing. Most of the time, the backgrounds were either the white wall of the next building or the rusty tiles on the rooftop or even the photovoltaic panels!


Portrait of a particularly pale individual.


And a very colourful one. It’s always interesting to see how different they look.


First-winter bird shows more black on the bill with less chestnut on the back, wing coverts and secondaries.


A couple of shots to end this post. Now the berries are completely gone and the flock seemed to have moved on already. Only Common Blackbirds still seem to be hanging around in good numbers though.

IMG_2971 IMG_3001


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