Due to the fact that I’ve only been staying at the campus since the beginning of the vacation, I recently had a lot of of free time to walk around and photograph some common birds. This male Eurasian Bullfinch was one of the few obliging individuals that I luckily came across on one dark overcast day.

IMG_2231 IMG_2198

I’m starting to like these rowan berries a lot. Any bird perching on it would immediately look more photogenic and Chirstmassy.


I missed this beautiful bird when I was living in Japan. Small flocks normally turn up every winter around the area where I lived in Kyushu Island, but I never was lucky enough to see them. Male of subspecies ‘griseiventris’ of Japan has overall greyish belly unlike this European subspecies ‘europoea’.

IMG_2387 IMG_2377IMG_2423

A couple more shots of the same bird


I photographed this Eurasian Treecreeper on December 21. It surprisingly came perching on a low tree trunk just few metres away from me while I was strolling along the forest edge. Shame I was too excited and could finally grab a few ok-ish shots before it flew further away.


I would have been satisfied with this shot if the head weren’t out of focus. The bird was too close!

IMG_1760 IMG_1767

To end this post, on the same day that I photographed the treecreeper, I also found my first Redwing. It was joining the flock of Fieldfares. Too bad it didn’t allow me to get any decent shot. Will need to work on it!


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