Fieldfares & Berries

Here are some more photos of Fieldfares that came to eat rowan berries at my campus parking lot on December 23. The birds are still hanging around ithrough. I observed them flying back and forth and occasionally visiting some other random rowan berry trees from my room.


It was interesting to see such a wide variety of black markings on the underparts. This one has really bold streaks and scales as well as strong ochre breast, clean grey head and bright yellow bill with black tip indicating that it’s an adult.


This one also has very bold and especially long black streaks on its throat and breast but has more contrasting brownish brown.

IMG_1886 IMG_1917

Some more photos of adult birds feeding on rowan berries.


This individual has largely black bill with less black markings on the underparts and paler ochre throat and breast, probably a first-winter.


Another very obvious first-winter bird. The bill is largely black with brownish-grey head and duller mantle and wing coverts than adult.


A brightly coloured adult but with less black markings on throat and breast sides.

IMG_2122 IMG_2125

They sometimes cock their tail like a robin!


Showing the unique pale rump patch which can be seen clearly especially in flight.


It was actually hectic at the scene! When you’ve got more than 50 birds feeding altogether in 2 fruiting trees at once, you can barely concentrate.

IMG_2005 IMG_1927

At least I tried my best!


Another individual with fewer black markings on the underparts.


The birds didn’t give me much time either. They quickly flew in, ate, flew out and then came back again. Like that for roughly about 5 minutes then they just decided to move entirely to the open lawn nearby where they were constantly disturbed by passersby. Finally, they left the area and disappeared from my sight.


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