Winter Around Here

After autumn has passed, I’ve finally become less busy and had more time to walk around the campus looking for birds. Small flocks of Chaffinches and Eurasian Bullfinches have recently become a common sight. Yellowhammers, Black Redstarts, European Greenfinches and European Goldfinches have somehow completely gone. The number of Fieldfares seems to have increased, while other thrushes kind of disappeared.


This male Eurasian Bullfinch surprisingly popped up from the ground and perched right in front of me. I guess both of us were equally shocked. That’s why I messed up the camera setting…..

IMG_1677 IMG_1675

Females tend to be more approachable as usual. This lady was enjoying the rowan berries right in front of my dorm.


Blue Tit is one of the common birds that I’m really struggling to photograph. They’re so common but also really difficult to get a decent shot of. They move quickly among the twigs right in front of you and before you know it, they’re already high up and away.


At least this female bird allowed me to snap a few shots while perching against the clear winter blue sky.


Another common bird which I’m also struggling with is the beautiful and very vocal Chaffinch. Everyday a few of them perch and sing their super loud unmistakable call from the tree right next to my window. But the moment when I tried to point my camera towards them, they’re gone.


Even if some of them still continue to stay, they’d either be a female or juvenile. And for some reasons I’d always mess up the focus!


Few days ago I came across a very nice lifer just around my campus, the Middle Spotted Woodpecker. It was feeding along with some other small birds like Great and Blue Tits and some Chaffinches. This makes it the third species of woodpecker that I’ve seen around here. The other 2 are Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker.


To end this post, here’s something from autumn that I forgot to post earlier, a female Goldcrest. I found a pair of this cute tiny bird on one cloudy autumn afternoon. Too bad, I couldn’t get any decent shot of them, but a record shot is always better than nothing.


2 thoughts on “Winter Around Here

  1. Beautiful post, Ayuwat! Love these birds, they look so European. You have such a geographical variety and all your post are so distinct. Love the Blue Tit with the blue sky and the bullfinch with the berries.

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