Back in Autumn

I didn’t have much time here in Germany for birding. The only place where I could afford was the woods around my campus. So here’s a selection of photos I took during the last 2 months.

IMG_1262 IMG_1267

Black Redstarts were numerous throughout October but completely gone by mid November. Although numerous, they’re sure not easy to photograph.


Female Black Redstart among autumn leaves…..


First-winter male ‘gibraltariensis’Black Redstart. Adult male would show large white patch on secondaries.


Eurasian Jay is another common bird around my campus. This one was photographed just from my room window. It seemed to be feeding on some fallen berries.

IMG_1532 IMG_1516

Yellowhammer is also a common bird around my campus during late autumn. The bright yellow plumage of the male bird really stands out against anything. 


Too bad, I didn’t have much time in autumn to photograph this beautiful bunting and now they’re all gone.


Carrion Crow strolling on green grass and autumn flowers.


But the true highlight of autumn was the migrating Common Crane. Hundreds of them flew over my campus almost everyday from late September until the beginning of December. Their loud and noisy calls can be heard day and night attracting the attention from even non-birders. Can’t imagine how many of them in total have flown pass this area.


2 thoughts on “Back in Autumn

  1. Very interesting re the cranes and Black Redstarts are always nice to see.

    Europe is a diverse place and there are lots of birds to photograph out there, if you could get down to southern France or Spain on the bus (or a budget airline) you could make us all jealous!

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