Snipe Buzz

Back in September, we had quite a buzz about the snipes that were showing regularly at Mae Hia Agricultural College, Chiang Mai. There were approximately 7-10 birds staying in a wet grassy area in the plantation plot. All of them were “Swintails” which was not surprising because Common Snipe normally arrives a little later.


© Woraphot Bunkhwamdi

Quite many birders and photographers showed up and tried their best lucks to see if they can pick up any Swinhoe’s Snipe, a scarce passage migrant in Thailand, but so far sadly none has been approved.


© Woraphot Bunkhwamdi

At least, some individuals could be proven to be Pintail Snipes! The above photos by Woraphot Bunkhwamdi show a juvenile (front pale bird) with a glimpse of its outer tail feathers. Judging from the size of the feathers, I think we can safely identify it as a Pintail Snipe.


© Apisit Wilaijit


© Apisit Wilaijit

These 2 photos I received from Apisit Wilaijit also show the tail feathers of a Pintail Snipe taken at the very same place. Interesting to see very bold white tips on this individual.


Now here are some individuals photographed by me at the same area. This one is a buffish individual.

IMG_8459 IMG_8460

I guess it is also a Pintail Snipe……..


Another bird in a very different moulting stage. I guess it is a first-winter.


Because of the moult, it has a darker appearance than the former bird.


Here comes an interesting individual, at least in my opinion. It has overall darker appearance than most Pintail Snipes that I’ve observed.


It is surely an adult bird judging from the bold buffish fringes on the mantle and scapular. The fringes are even more pronounced than usual because of the rather plain darkish centres.


And look at those dark lateral crown stripes! I don’t remember seeing any Pintail Snipe with such thick stripes especially right above the lores like this one before. Unfortunately, even though I could get photos of it while stretching, I still couldn’t manage to see its outer tail feathers. So I guess I just have to let it be another one that got away……….


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