Rufous-winged Buzzard

Hope you haven’t been fed up with all the LBJs in the recent posts. Here I decided to share photos of something different and probably more interesting. Rufous-winged Buzzard is a fairly scarce resident bird of northern and north-eastern Thailand. I normally see this raptor perching on tree tops and utility poles along the roadsides while driving through open deciduous forests and sometimes agricultural area around my local patch, but normally they would fly away long before I could get into the acceptable range. However, I got lucky with this individual at the entrance of Mae Ngat Dam close to my home. It seemed to be more focused on looking for food rather than caring about me and my 300mm lens.

IMG_3895 IMG_3886

I think it’s the first time for me to see this raptor perching on such low perch. It was first perching on a higher pole, but then seemed to spot something on the ground so it flew down to the lower wire allowing me to get some nice shots at slightly above eye-level.

IMG_3870 IMG_3865

By the way, I was in my car while shooting these shots. It’s impossible to get close to this kind of birds when you’re not inside a car. Even with a car, it’s still difficult most of the time though.

IMG_3822 IMG_3794

On a higher pole, showing its back side. Its ‘rufous wings’ are more clearly seen in flight.

IMG_3917 IMG_3922

Then it decided that I should have enough photos of it for the day and flew deep into the woods.


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