A Feast

So this is the first post about birds from Germany! Tomorrow will mark the first full week for me here. I have to admit that I was totally shocked at how wary the birds are around here. I’ve always had the impression that birds in Europe must be much tamer than the ones in Asia, but I was dead wrong. I couldn’t get any good shot of any bird at all on the first morning. They all flew away as soon as they saw me walking from 50m away. I totally didn’t get it. Fortunately, there’s big fruiting tree right next to my window and it seems to be so popular among the birds here. At least I could get some pretty good shots of the common birds now.

IMG_9945 IMG_9951

Song Thrush is one of my favourites so far. I just love the pattern of its plumage which looks similar to some Zoothera thrushes but instead of having strong black and white underwing pattern, it has pale rufous underwing coverts.

IMG_9953 IMG_9882

Enjoying the meal and sitting quietly waiting for the next

IMG_0428 IMG_0421 IMG_0290

Common Blackbirds are the most numerous thrush here. They also seem to be slightly less shy than the others too. What I found interesting was that most of them were males. So far I’ve only seen like 3 or 4 females.

IMG_0412 IMG_0434

I wonder what kind of fruit is this. I saw lots of other fruiting trees, but none was as popular as this.

IMG_0391 IMG_0235

Common Chiffchaff has been the only phylloscopus warbler that I’ve seen so far. They are quite numerous but extremely difficult to get a good shot since they’re so fast. It is a subspecies lifer for me since I’ve only seen the subspecies ‘tristis’ or Siberian Chiffchaff back in Asia but not this nominate subspecies ‘collybita’. Comparing to ‘tristis’, this subspecies has much warmer tone to its plumage.


Black Redstarts are also numerous and as shy as any other bird. This is one of the 2 females that regularly visit the tree. I’ve yet to take a good shot of the male bird which is more colourful and also much shyer. Hopefully will be able to grab some shots soon.

IMG_0062 IMG_0068

I’ll end this post with one of the commonest birds, Great Tit, which I also find much shyer than I expected. I have completely no idea why even garden birds are so shy around here, even the tits. If I hadn’t been inside my room and taking photos from my window, I wouldn’t have got all these shots. Readers from Germany or Europe, please shine some light on this curiosity.


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