Super Wire

On September 12th, I visited my local patch Cho Lae and noticed a pair of Wire-tailed Swallows perching on low bamboo poles in the middle of the rice field. They looked very beautiful against the relaxing green background of the rice, but I didn’t pay much attention to them at first because I thought they would fly away soon. And they did but after few minutes they always came back to the same perches. So I decided to set up a hide close to those poles while they were away hoping that they’d come back again. They did come back indeed, and I think I’ve already got my best photos of this beautiful swallows!

IMG_1778 IMG_1804-3 IMG_1813

This is the male bird because it has very long tail streamers or ‘wires’. Female bird has much shorter wires with very slightly duller plumage and dirtier white throat and upper breast. As you can see it was extremely close that I could even make a portrait crop!

IMG_2045-2 IMG_2009 IMG_1823

And this is the female with much shorter wires. This individual actually has particularly clean white throat unlike most of the females that I’ve come across which should have more faint rufous washes on the throat and upper breast.

IMG_1905 IMG_1909 IMG_1976 IMG_1944 IMG_2224 IMG_2221 IMG_2208 IMG_2201 IMG_2102

Because the lighting, speed shutter, background and everything was so perfect, I really enjoyed taking photos of them in action. With very nice speed shutters (up to 1/1600 with ISO200!) we can actually see lots of details that we don’t normally get to see while they’re preening and stuff.

IMG_1877 IMG_1994

Here’s a compilation of clips that I took of these 2 birds while preening and resting. Unfortunately, the rain was falling on my hide so it might be a little too noisy but I hope you all enjoy!


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